Mgmt in the new Digital World

[VIMEO 15753416]

Are there too many digital tools for artists?


15 Responses to “Mgmt in the new Digital World”

  1. woa. i seriously need a manager.

  2. Honey
    you should have ended this thing with your head exploding
    this ruled
    hats off to your cue card guy –
    this is another reason to toss and technology I own –
    I love my vinyl.

  3. Yea, it’s worth the money to pay a manager to handle those things. As an artist, it’s still important to understand how those things work.

  4. Hahahahaha it’s not that bad XD

  5. Very Well Said, You Hit The Nail On The Head…Wow…

  6. regardless, it would be helpful to post the list of sites you recommended

  7. Niels Schroeter Says:

    This is fuckin’ awesome!

  8. […] this video made by Peter Malkin about what artist managers are faced with in the current music market.  Daunting to day the […]

  9. funny, captures the overwhelming swirl of today and reminds us what really matters.

  10. Like your video so much. We are Chinese music blogger. We can’t use Youtube because of the goverment firewall , wonder if we can upload your video in Chinese video servicer.

  11. Yes amazing video …like you say at the end of the day you got to meet real people social media managemnt look like its becoming like search engine submissions …great vid

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