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Article from NMS conference in LA

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Mgmt in the New Digital World Live

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Presented my video, “Mgmt in the new Digital World”, live at New Music Seminar conference in LA on 2.15.11. It also updates the original by adding new products while deleting outdated ones.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

1st collector for Mgmt in the New Digital World Live – Medium.m4v
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In the spirit of Radiohead’s new release, “The King of Lambs” which I’m diggin by the way, I began going through all of my Radiohead catalog today. There are so many defining “moments” and here’s one that brought me back in time: Its 1997 and the band’s popularity is at an all time high especially after the critically acclaimed album, “The Bends” release back in ’95. Cut to the huge anticipation for their next album, “Ok Computer” which comes in June of ’07. And so I then check out the first song off that album, “Airbag”. What a statement! An arena sounding rock song with balls and teeth that oozes with confidence. It’s almost as if the band is making the declaration that Radiohead happily and readily embrace being annointed rock’s biggest band! Check out “Little By Little”, “Lotus Flower”, “Codex”, “Give Up The Ghost” and “Separator” off new album….

Littlest Vader Commercial Extra Footage

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Littlest Vader Commercial Extra Footage <>
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Awww, I know you can’t get enough of the littlest Vader! Well, here you go! Extra footage from the Volkswagen commercial. Go crazy.

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We’re going live!

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Going to perform 1st vid, “Mgmt in the New Digital World” live at New Music Seminar in Los Angeles on Tues February 15th

I love the Volkswagen Commercial about The Force

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#3 Volkswagen Commercial: The Force <>
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