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Love hearing The White Stripes’ “Ball & Biscuit” in the Captain Morgan’s commercial

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Harrison Ford Settles a Feud

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Jimmy Kimmel Live – Harrison Ford Settles a Feud
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Harrison Ford Settles a Feud
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What is Google+ and do I need it? (Helpful vid)

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Love this… “Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time (remix to Benny Benassi Presents the Biz)

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Music Subscription Faceoff: How Does Spotify Measure Up? INFOGRAPHIC from Mashable

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Music Subscription Faceoff: How Does Spotify Measure Up? [INFOGRAPHIC]

via Mashable! by Brenna Ehrlich on 7/20/11

When Spotify moored its boatload of music to U.S. shores last week, music lovers were faced with a conundrum: Should I switch to Spotify, or stick with my current music subscription service of choice? Or, for the non-early adopter set: Should I check out this Spotify thing at all?

Well, as invites to Spotify’s free, introductory service roll out to curious users, and music subscription vets sit poised, their fingers hovering over “subscribe,” we’ve taken the liberty to condense all the key details about the top on-demand services on the market into one helpful infographic: Spotify, Rdio, MOG, Slacker Radio, Rhapsody and Grooveshark (streaming-only services like Pandora were not included because they do not have an on-demand offering).

Check out the chart below and let us know in the comments: Which service will you choose?

Reporting by: Brenna Ehrlich, Christina Warren and Jennifer Van Grove

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Infographic by @sasha_em

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Instagram Crowdsourced Music Video

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Instagram Crowdsourced Music Video

via VIRALBLOG.COM » Viral ideas.Trends. Inspiration by Laurens Bianchi on 7/21/11

Personally, I’m more a Hipstamatic fan, but the idea of creating a music video made from Instagram pictures that are made by fans is pretty cool as well!

UK band ‘The Vaccines’ came up with the idea for its latest video for upcoming single ‘Wetsuit’. The only thing you need to do as a fan is upload your Instagram pictures and tag them with #vaccinesvide0.

For the ones who don’t know what Instagram is: Instagram is the popular photo-sharing application on the Apple iOS. Clocking in at 5 million users and most of whom are connected and passionate about photos, Instagram seems to be the perfect platform for the band to reach their fans with new media content.

Check out the teaser video for the Crowdsource video here:

The approach is the first major label music video to crowdsource from Instagram specifically, though the idea is hardly a unique one, as musicians have been doing the whole “You make the art!” thing for a while.

Source: ICON&CO

The Beastie Boys meet Sesame Street

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Sesame Street breaks it down from Wonderful Creative on Vimeo.

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