Great article from Mashable on 11 Apps and Services for Sharing, Discovering and Organizing Music

11 Apps and Services for Sharing, Discovering and Organizing Music

via Mashable! by Christina Warren on 10/24/11

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The digital music revolution might have started in the late 1990s, but in the last few years, the way that we find, share and organize music has undergone drastic changes.

Users are no longer reliant on file-sharing services to distribute tracks from person to person or device to device. Instead, thanks to subscription streaming and cloud solutions, accessing music from your laptop or home stereo is just as easy as pulling up a playlist on your phone.

Still, it can be difficult to differentiate one service or app from the next. We’ve scoured the web for eleven different apps and services that improve the experience of listening to music — as well as sharing, discovering and organizing tracks.


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