This Show Wants You — And Your Viral Videos — on TV….

This Show Wants You — And Your Viral Videos — on TV

via Mashable! by Brian Anthony Hernandez on 10/4/12

RightThisMinute, a daily television broadcast that dissects viral videos, wants to create “the largest newsroom on Earth” — starting with you and the videos you create or discover.

“If you’ve got a good video, we may want to have you on air,” RightThisMinute creator David Miller tells Mashable.

To make this happen, the hour-long TV series has launched My Channel, where people can start a video page, upload their creations or embed existing viral videos. Producers will air any gems and give credit to the discoverers.

Some users may be asked to conduct a Skype interview for inclusion during broadcasts.

My Channel users can thumbs-up or thumbs-down other people’s videos to hel…
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