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Simon Cowell Partners with YouTube for “The You Generation”, a new talent contest

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An interview with Simon Cowell about his new talent contest that will live on YouTube


The Online Music Space: Everything You Need To Know (2013)

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I’m back with another tutorial! Everything you need to know about the online music space. As a veteran of the music business, like everyone, I’ve had to learn about all of the online tools and platforms available to fans, artists, and industry professionals and it can be overwhelming. If you’re entertained or educated or both, feel free to visit my blog at

Two years ago, I made a video, “Mgmt In The New Digital World”, because I was so overwhelmed with all of the online tools for music being bombarded at me everyday. I rattled off as fast as I could with a dose of sarcasm all of the tools and platforms for all facets of finding, releasing, and marketing music only to conclude that the content still had to be great and that nothing could ever replace direct in-person human interaction. The reaction was tremendous which caught me by suprise. Well two years later, as the online space evolves at such a rapid pace, here’s a new version with even more updated information. I’m still going at lightning speed for again, a little dose of sarcasm because as helpful as they are, they cannot be used to replace direct in-person interaction. Its alot crammed into 8 minutes so I created chapters to skip around if you want this time.

Topics covered in the video include: crowdfunding sites for musicians/bands, sites for discovering music, music video sites, streaming music sites, on-demand music sites, social media networks for music, sites for sharing music and playlists, online marketing, the basics for establishing a presence online, sites for aspiring artists, tools for connecting your platforms, tools that allow you to go direct-to-fan , creating mobile apps, mobile e-commerce solutions, online fanclubs, online ticketing, online retailers, online subscription sites, online distributors, tools for creating videos, sites to play your videos, creating webisodes, YouTube networks, marketing videos, crowdsourcing, social gaming, online music licensing platforms, check-In sites, helpful music apps, videochat platforms, sites that help musicians/bands in touring, live streaming platforms, music blogs, online magazines, and music news sites.

A little entertainment. A little education. Enjoy….

Twitter Reportedly Building Standalone iOS Music App (TechCrunch)

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YouNow Buys BlogTV

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Vevo Starts a TV-Style Channel a la the “old MTV” (Advertising Age)

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